Southern Poolhaus


Henderson Avenue Historic District . Athens, Georgia


Blending southern craftsmanship with simple forms and clean lines, this backyard retreat is a playful addition to the Henderson Avenue Historic District. It was designed for a German family brought to Athens by the university and was part of a larger plan to rehab the landscape of this 1917 craftsman bungalow. The pool house functions as a year round family gathering space and guest house and during the summer months, offers much needed relief from the relentless North Georgia sun. It picks up on the history of the main house by utilizing shake shingles, but differentiates itself with modern composition of various cladding materials. It is oriented towards the south to accommodate a future solar panel installation that will supply the property owners with power and/or hot water. The interior spaces were designed to be an extension of the new landscape. Accordion style patio doors allow the entire corner of the building to open underneath arbored patio space. Its vaulted interior contains a sleeping loft, built-in bunk beds, a full bathroom and kitchenette with a custom concrete countertop.


Clean lines, industrial touches, and a little color make the interior a whimsical refuge from the summer sun.

Bunk Beds

Patio Towards Kitchenette

Towards Patio





Front of the 1917 Craftsman Bungalow