Environmental responsibility is a principal consideration in our work. After the advent of central heating and air, traditional strategies for climate responsiveness seemed to have been temporarily forgotten. For too long, people were not concerned with how much energy these systems used to keep our interior environments comfortable. We now realize the detrimental effect these actions have had. Bork Architectural Design advocates a return to the simple passive systems of the past including daylighting, passive heating and cooling, and strategic natural ventilation. These systems cost little or nothing to incorporate into the design but can have a dramatic effect in reducing our energy demands.

We are encouraged by the growing public awareness of the importance of sustainable design and the influx of new products and technologies spurred by this public demand. We have established relationships with suppliers for locally sourced materials in our region, and we continually work to educate ourselves about new products and creative approaches that can support our mission of responsible design. Our firm has LEED Accredited Professionals in our employment, and we have completed projects certified under Energy Star, LEED for Homes, and the Southeast’s regional Earthcraft Program through Southface Energy Institute.